Sabtu, 17 April 2010

Roller Coaster X-Scream

Sabtu, 17 April 2010
This is a Roller Coaster X-Scream. Attraction is the highest in the U.S. - it is installed on the roof of the hotel, the skyscraper "Stratosphere", whose height is 330 m, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Roller Coaster X-Scream has not brought one tourist incredible experience, breaking through the air, hanging people upside down. So come to Las Vegas in search of entertainment, Japanese tourists were far more thrills than expected, deciding to ride on the Roller Coaster.

At a time when the Japanese came down from the hills, on the street the accident occurred, during which one of the cars crashed into a hotel transformer, causing a short circuit. Electrical attractions are out of order, and tourists hovered above the ground at a height of 90 floors, in a curve, which is three meters beyond the platform where you installed Roller Coaster. In addition to the X-Scream, also spoke about high-speed elevator Big Shot, which is like a rocket shoots up passengers along the antenna tower, and ride Insanity, which is a similar crane boom bar with chairs, swinging fearless audience directly above the famous Strip, said

Electricity supply was restored only after a half hour. Frightened tourists removed from Roller Coaster. The victims were not among them, but guests from Japan were sent to hospital for examination.
The hotel and casino disruptions with the light was not. However, the incident caused alarm for two reasons. Then jammed already mentioned attraction Insanity.Secondly, the staff has X-Scream, for some reason did not use the emergency manual control system, which allows automatic failover back to the train carriages back. In addition, the rescue team, caused by an alarm, arrived on the scene just after 1 hour 20 minutes.

But it does not interfere with each day lining up seeking unforgettable experience at the extreme attractions of America.

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